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Established in 1985.

As a partner of Rumore, Nagy & Siro an accounting firm in New York, I prepared audits for Wall Street brokers on the floor of the NYSE along with several Trading Partnerships. We also prepared compilations and tax preparation for many small businesses in retail and wholesale markets. I also prepared many individual tax filings.

You need to build a high-quality relationship that serves your needs and preferences. A key role of an advisor is to listen to your needs and concerns and to provide the objective feedback and experience with tax strategy that will keep your plans on track. Most of us wouldn’t dream of performing surgery on ourselves, pleading our own case in court, or designing structural supports for a house. But, amazingly, many doctors, lawyers, business owners – and people from all walks of life – design and carry out their own financial plans without understanding the tax implications. A Tax advisor is not someone to meet once and never see again.

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